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November 23, 2015

4 tips to increase conversions with video in 2016


The best thing a business can do to gain new customers is show them what they need to see, not tell them. Video is the perfect medium for conveying a lot of information in a quick and interesting way. With so many businesses moving towards more video marketing, it’s easy to fall behind while your competitors snap up all your new customers. In a world of ever increasing online activity, video marketing is more important than ever, with most buyers and customers doing online research before ever picking up a phone or going to a store. A user’s time on the internet is valuable and businesses need to respect that, not challenge it, the modern online consumer despises having their time wasted, almost everyone would rather watch a two minute video about your product or service than read about it. A constantly growing online consumer base paves way for constantly growing online business. This is why video marketing is more essential than ever, and why 2016 will be the biggest year for video marketing yet. Follow these 4 steps to breathe life and success into your video marketing.

1. The first three quarters are all you’ve got

A study by Invodo showed that 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of a video, 65% may not sound thrilling, but in fact is an extremely strong statistic given how much information you can fit into a video. The tip to take away from this statistic is to put your call to action in the first three quarters of the video, easy right?

2. Track who is watching your videos

The more information you have about your customer and their behavior, the better. If you’re not familiar with the word analytics, get reading, this is the single most powerful data collection tool for business of the modern day. Analytics refers to our ability to collect and use data to generate insights that inform fact-based decision-making. What does that actually mean? In terms of video marketing, it means you can see who has watched your video, when they watched it, what country they are from, how old they are, what browser they watched it in, what phone they watched it on, how many times they watched it and for how long and much more. Hopefully you can see the benefits in this, but just in case you don’t here is an overview.

  • If you see more and more people watching your videos at a certain time of day, you should release more video marketing content at that time of day to optimize its performance.
  • You probably already have a good idea of your target market, but looking at exactly what kind of people are watching your videos will allow you to pinpoint your target market ever further.
  • It will allow you to see what videos of yours are performing poorly, aside from just seeing a low view count, you can see how long a video is being watched, and exactly when the user gave up.

There are many analytics solutions for business. The biggest free web-analytics tools is Google Analytics. If you publish your videos to YouTube, the YouTube dashboard offers in-depth analytical insights into who is watching your videos.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard


If you are sending your video marketing to businesses and individuals, Busivid Direct allows you to track when your recipients have opened their email and watched your video, so you know the perfect time to follow up.

3. Using video as lead generation

Video can be an extremely powerful lead generation tool. If you have video content on your website that is growing in popularity, there are ways to further capitalize on that to turn those views into solid leads through the use of an email gate. What is an email gate? Just as you must open a gate to walk through it, an email gate requires a user to input their email into a form before they are allowed to watch your video. This is an excellent way to rapidly grow your list of email subscribers and increase your marketing reach, however it relies on your video being popular, in demand, trustworthy and of high quality. This tactic will not work for a business just releasing their first video, this is a tactic for businesses with an already established audience. This may seem like you are locking people out from watching your videos, but it can have the opposite effect. Putting an email gate in front of your video shows the user that you are serious about only connecting with people that are interested in your business. If you have 5000 people load your video page, but only 10% of those users decide to go through the email gate, you then have 500 solid leads now on your email mailing list. Any marketer would argue that 500 solid leads trumps 5000 random video views any day.

4. Avoid YouTube as your only video channel

YouTube is a very appealing channel for showcasing your videos to the world on a truly global platform, however it should not be your only channel of video marketing. Too many businesses rely solely on YouTube for their video marketing, when in fact you can experience far greater results by spreading your video marketing content across the web. By all means, publish all of your videos on YouTube, but consider these additional avenues below to further push your success.

  • Publish your videos on your own website. Not everyone is going to see your videos on YouTube, people will find themselves on your website, and it is extremely important that you have video for them to watch there, they may never see your YouTube channel.  This not only generates more content for your site, but giving these videos each their own page, with a detailed description also increases your rankings in Google search results.
  • Alongside YouTube, publish your videos to Vimeo, your Facebook Page and Flickr (Yes Flickr also supports video).

Taking your first steps into video marketing can be daunting, but the best way to start, is to just start. The more content you create, the more familiar you will become with the processes involved in creating and publishing your videos. If you are a beginner, have little video marketing expertise or don’t have any camera gear, we at Busivid offer great services and products to kick your video marketing into power drive.  Following these 4 steps will ensure you have a great foundation for using video as a powerful marketing technique and using it to drive your business forward in 2016.

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