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March 9, 2015

5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes


Creating quality video marketing material can be a daunting task to someone who hasn’t had formal experience working with a camera. Fortunately these days with High quality camera’s available in most phones, it has never been easier to create video content that looks great. In this post we will go over 5 common mistakes people make when getting into creating live video content.

1. Not considering the environment

When setting up to do a marketing video, where you decide to film your live segments is incredibly important. Before you start filming, consider the properties of the environment. Is the background inviting? Exiting? Boring? Inspiring? What about the ambient sound? Is there a busy road nearby that might be distracting? Or does it have a nice ambience of nature to it.

Also consider the items or objects that would be present in the background. For example a common method of conveying a sense of being informed and authoritative is to have a set of hardcover books in the background. This gives the viewer a feeling that the presenter is a well read individual while also adding interest points for the viewer.

2. Don’t be afraid of the light

Lighting is the foundation to every good video, lighting alone can make or break a video. While it might sound obvious the reason as why this is very important, at the end of the day cameras can only capture the colours that are presented to it. The presence of more light means the camera sees a more accurate and colourful picture.

Even when you are looking to create a video with a darker light scheme, a healthy amount of light is still an effective way to record the scene as you will have a more accurate picture which can be later be edited to be made darker. On the other hand, trying to take a dark video to make it brighter will always have issues trying to work out what colours should have existed if the picture was taken in a lighter environment.

3. Not having a Focus

Another pitfall people fall into is forgetting what the main purpose of the video is. If your making a video to show off a new product and why the user would want it, make sure that every segment is either about the product itself or about something that directly supports the product. If you spend too much time getting away from the subject material your viewers will become more likely to stop watching as they dis-engage.

An extreme but relevant example for this would be TV shopping channel segments. One thing that they all have in common is the tight focus on the product being sold, even if they talk about an extension or extra benefit that supports the product, they will always come back within seconds to the original product and mention it’s name explicitly.

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of mighty putty after this

4. Ignoring the Audio

When it comes to audio, there are so many little aspects to just mixing/production quality audio that the profession could be considered an artform. Without turning this blog post into a lesson in art, something to always remember is the effect of audio quality on the psyche of the viewer.

Studies have already been conducted exposing people to varying levels of sound quality and found that lower levels of sound quality (Lower bit-rates, poor quality microphones, high background noise, crackling) lead to higher brain activity and slight feelings of frustration as people had to concentrate harder to try and understand the audio being played.

Making sure your video is clear of unnecessary background sounds and testing your microphones for any issues before proceeding with the actual filming can go a very long way in ensuring people don’t feel frustrated, even slightly when watching your videos. As long as your source material is clean, you will have plenty of room to fix any issues you do encounter in the editing stages.

5. Working hard, not Smart

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make is working hard on trying to make “The Perfect Video” that might just go viral. High quality videos come from people who know when it’s time to call it and publish the video. Being able to finish and publish a video allows you to evaluate areas of improvement without being able to actually fix them.

It might sound counter-intuitive but if you end up working on the same video for too long you start developing a distorted view where you can obsess over small things that seem very significant while completely missing some audio issues because you have heard that segments a hundred times over and it just doesn’t phase you anymore.

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Max Mitchell