How are dealerships selling with video

Why Use Video for Your Dealership

  • CONVERSION RATE - Products with video provide a greater conversion rate for your website compared to products with only photos.
  • ONLINE SHOPPER - Video with a real voice creates a stronger more emotional connection with the online car shopper.
  • SEO VALUE - Video has its own search engine which provides free advertising for your products with video.
  • PAID LEADS ROI - Leads from listing sites are often expensive. Responding to online and telephone inquiries directly with targeted video increases engagement and conversion.
Car shoppers are influenced by video
Shoppers use YouTube to research cars
Research happens on a mobile device

How Busivid Tools Work

Our technology is accessible and easy to use for any dealership. Every automotive dealership either pays a vendor to take photos of their inventory or has someone on staff that handles this process. Busivid is flexible and takes so little time that works with both methods of obtaining pictures & video. You can be up and running the very first day. The only thing required is an iPhone or Android device to get started. It takes only a few minutes to create your custom video with the Busivid Create app & distribute with Busivid Direct.

Busivid Create

Create professional-quality video & still shots of any vehicle on the lot with little effort. Use any Apple or Android device to create your video in minutes.

Voice Over

A salesperson can take a video of a specific vehicle from the library and record a voiceover about the vehicle and its features.

Shared Sales Library

Voice over video can be accessed from Busivid library. With a single click, you can easily share video of your inventory on any social channels or your dealership site.

Busivid Direct

Enables you to share your video message to your customer via text or email. Receive near real-time notifications to your device the moment your video is being watched by your customer.

Receive monthly video tips to your inbox.