Rapid Video Creation

Busivid Create

Simple solution to create business video.

Branded Videos Made Simple

Busivid Create is a simple way to capture video, incorporate your organization’s branding and distribute to your audience directly from your mobile device. Being able to efficiently create this content in an affordable way allows you to more effectively leverage videos across your organization.

Many organizations need a lot of simple video content for products, training and content marketing. Simple video is high quality, consistently branded video. When Simple Video is combined with the excellent cameras now found in most mobile devices and some simple mobile device video tools, the result is high quality, low cost, fast turnaround video production that suits many real-world business applications.

Busivid is a high-volume video production tool designed to lower the cost and complexity of populating effective Sales Support libraries. This is achieved by automating almost all of the post production tasks that traditionally consume so much of the video production budget. If your business needs fresh video content every week on a tight budget, then please consider Busivid Create.

What do I do with these Videos?


Produce quality branded video content within minutes


Publish videos to your Busivid Cloud library, YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook


Distribute content on social media or via email & SMS directly from the app

How Busivid Create Works?

Busivid Create automates the post-production process, allowing you to customize your content by branding the intro, outro and adding a logo watermark in the lower-third of the video. Add a further professional touch by adding royalty-free music.

Easy to Use

  • Create branded video content within minutes.
  • Manage and distribute from the app.

Select a Brand

  • Transform a basic logo with animated effects.
  • Access multiple brands from one location.

Personalize & Localize

  • Personalize with your specific contact information.
  • Localize each video’s call-to-action.

Quick and Easy Video Creation

  • Busivid Create lets you quickly take any combination of still images and video snippets and automatically produces a professionally branded video.
  • Complete with voice and music in only minutes.

Add a Voiceover

  • Busivid Create lets you separate the job of taking the pictures and video from the task of adding the voice over.
  • An experienced sales person can add the voice from the comfort of their desk.

Export Photos for your Listing

  • Busivid Create lets you separate the job of taking the pictures and video from the task of adding the voice over.
  • Perfect to add to your sales listing.

Cloud Hosting

  • Push completed videos to the Busivid Cloud library from anywhere.
  • Access to all your video content anywhere.

Social Sharing

  • Publish to YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook.
  • Distribute to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & eBay.

Who Uses Busivid Create?


Busivid Create is perfect for businesses with a rolling inventory of products like cars, bikes, boats, RV's, real estate, rental properties, heavy machinery, ebay retailers and many more.


Small to medium businesses and corporate a like can take advantage of using Busivid Create to easily create training and support videos for their staff.


Regular video production to drive inbound content marketing can be made simple using Busivid Create.

Busivid Kit

Does your business need new video content every week? The Busivid kit was designed for you to create instant quality video from your mobile device. The kit provides top of the line products that will help your business create video content efficiently.

View the Busivid Kit