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Helping businesses Sell with Video

Sales with Video

Imagine if your sales team could always find the perfect selection of videos and PDF documents to answer any sales inquiry? What if they had insight into what interested your buyers and knew exactly the right moment to call back? Consider the advantages of a cloud-based sales support library that is both centrally managed and yet 24x7 accessible to your highly mobile team? Busivid is more than just a sales messaging system.

Through its ability to efficiently harness rich personalized video content, Busivid Direct lets your sales team be there in person... even when they can't be there in person.


distribute content to leads directly via email & SMS


measure prospect engagement with near real-time video analytics


more opportunities to the next stage faster & easier

How Busivid Direct Works?

Busivid Direct is a simple mobile sales tool that quickly integrates emotive video content into email and text messages with near real time analytics.

Rich Messages

  • Easily integrate rich content including videos & PDF documents into email and Text messages to improve buyer experience and engagement.
  • Increase click-through and retention.

Access Your Sales Support Library

  • Cloud based mobile access to your videos and PDF documents via easy to use IOS and Android apps.

Track Video Analytics

  • Receive near real-time push notifications when your content is being watched. Track hits by video/PDF for each message.
  • Know if your content is shared across multiple device.

Answer Inquiries with Rich Content

  • Easily gather multiple videos and PDF documents into a single message.
  • Order content for maximum impact.

Quick Search

  • Build custom categories to make your content easy to browse.
  • Search your library by keyword.

Save Time with Message Templates

  • Email and Text templates pre-fill editable messages to save time and improve consistency.