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March 16, 2015

Capture genuine customer testimonials using these 5 simple steps.


Social proof, otherwise known as social influence, has shown to be one of the most powerful marketing techniques for easing the mind of uncertain customers. Potential customers are becoming increasingly aware of fraudulent online reviews and often require an authentic testimonial to put their mind at ease.

Video testimonials are significantly more powerful than written testimonials. Having a real person explaining how a product has enhanced their life or business instills a level of trust which cannot be replicated through written words.

This article will take you through ways you can record a simple yet compelling video testimonial using nothing more then your smart phone. We will then enhance the video and make it look professional using simple video techniques.

1. Using your smartphone to record the testimonial.

Often underestimated is the the quality of video that can be produced by a smartphone. Modern smartphones cameras are a great tool for producing high quality business videos. Simply find a well lit room, focus the camera on your happy client and ask the impacts your product has had on their life or business.

A few important things to remember while taking video:

  • Be Steady – Try and hold the camera as steady as possible. We find it helps to use a nearby table to rest your elbows on and to lock your wrist. If this is hard for you, there are many tripods and stands available that are especially designed for smartphones.
  • Lighting – Find a room that is evenly lit and try to avoid difference in lighting (such as windows, or sun).
  • Confidence – When taking testimonials, it’s quite common that the subject will become a bit shy behind the camera. We’ve found it helps to try and make the testimonial conversational. Try asking the subject to explain the benefits to you as a person, and to look into your eyes and not the camera.

For more tips on filming have a look at 5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes.

2. Make your video interesting with music.

Background music is a perfect way to add a mood to your videos. We find for the majority of product videos an upbeat, feel-good track helps project positive feelings towards your brand and builds more trust between your audience and your testimonial speaker. Music however should be picked to reflect your product and should appeal to your target audience.

It’s very important to ensure that you get audio levels right. If your music is too soft, your viewers will be trying to focus on what they are struggling to hear, and forget everything else, and on the flip side if it’s too loud they will not hear the amazing things your testimonial speaker has to say about your product.

A few good places to get royalty free music include music loops, PlayTunes and Premiumbeat.

3. Brand your video with a logo overlay.

The internet is a big place, once a video is posted online, it can end up anywhere. It’s important that viewers inspired by your video can find you no matter where or on which device they are watching the video from. A branded overlay enforces brand recognition, retaining credit for your video as well as giving your video that professional and polished look and feel.

Example of a brand overlay:

Brand Overlay Example

4. Add an introduction slide at the beginning of the video.

An introduction slide to the video should be used to introduce your testimonial speaker and why your potential buyer should trust them. Buyers want to be able to connect with a real person. We’ve seen many testimonials where the speaker isn’t introduced properly, and no credible brand is associated with them. This does not fill an informed buyers mind with confidence.

A correctly formatted introduction slide should introduce your speaker, the product or service in question, the company they work for and the position in that company.

5. Add a call to action.

Great! You should now have a great looking video in your hands. But don’t forget, the purpose of this video is to generate new business. Sometimes users need to be reminded what the next step is. We found what works best is an exit slide that simply states the next call to action, such as a website link, phone number or other method of engagement.

You now have all the information required to create your own powerful video testimonials. Video is an extremely important part of marketing your business. Take action now and start converting more leads today.

If you enjoyed this post Busivid has a complete video learning series on their website for free. Come check it out. We also provide software and video production kits to make this whole process as painless and efficient as possible.

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