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January 19, 2015

Simple Video Tools & Techniques


One misconception people have when starting to create video from their mobile device is that you have to compromise on the quality of your content. As technology has advanced year after year, the camera of your smart phone is only improving. In Lisa Bettany’s side-by-side comparison of 8 different iPhones, you can see the drastic improvements that have been made over the past 7 years to the image quality. While this comparison is of still photos, the enhancements carry through to your video quality. With the appropriate tools and techniques, you can capture HD quality video directly from your smart phone. Paying attention to small details such as good composure, lighting, focus, camera stability and the use of lenses all uplifts the visual quality of your video content.



Our goal for helping people create Simple Video is that businesses are able to gather video content easily, even while in the field. Being able to capture video while on-the-go gives your content an authentic look and feel that consumers strongly relate to.  Some other benefits of using Simple Video are that you are able to:

  • record high quality audio in the field
  • add animated introductions & closes that are brand compliant
  • watermark the main body of the video content to stop plagiarism
  • add music that automatically adjusts levels to enhance video presentation
  • add animated text to support the message & visuals
  • provide simple transitions between segments
  • allow for the inclusion of stills, bullet points and graphics
  • create videos from a mobile device using tools you can easily carry

The great thing about Simple Video is that you can do all of the above from your mobile device without having to return to your desktop to edit, publish or distribute your videos. For more tips & tutorials on how you can create Simple Video, check out our Online Video Marketing Learning Series.

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Christin Miller

Christin is VP of Marketing for Busivid and a passionate advocate for social and digital business. She spends her time helping companies connect with their consumers through video and technology.