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Busivid FAQ

What’s a brand?

In Busivid, a brand is the animated open, animated close and watermarks that you can automatically apply to any piece of uploaded video content. You can create a brand by using our animation tool to add movement to simple JPEG or PNG logos. You can also upload existing video opening and closing segments for use in your brand by contacting Busivid Support. Once you create a brand, it is available at and in the Busivid apps. To create and manage your brands you have to log in at as a user with Create privileges.

I cannot see a brand?

Within the Busivid system, brands are owned by, and only visible to, the user who created them as well as to the system administrators. If you did not create a brand and the brand has not yet been shared with you, then you will not be able to see it in your list of available brands. To access the brand, you have to ask the owner of the brand, or a system administrator, to share the brand with you.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can upload?

No. Upload as much video content as you need. We believe in empowering your business with video and the best way to do that is by having lots of it.

Can I use my Android Device?

Yes. You can download the Create and Direct apps for Android at Google Play.

Account Management & Payments

I cannot see a Project in my list of Projects?

By default, projects are owned by, and only visible to, the user that created them. So if you are looking for a project that was created by another user within your account, you will have to ask the owner of the project to change the access rights. To do this they will need to go to “Projects”, find the project and click on the Access Name, select the Account Name and save. Your system administrator can also access the project and change the access privileges to allow you to see it.

Can I buy Busivid Direct without buying Busivid Create?

Busivid was designed so that certain people in your organization can be responsible for creating or uploading content into your video library and managing your brands, while other people may only need read-access to use the content in your video library. For example, your marketing team may be responsible for creating and uploading to your video library, while your sales teams only needs read-access to the videos to respond to sales inquiries. That is why Busivid is created as a privilege-based system. You have to have at least one user with Create privileges, so they can add content to your library and manage your brands and social channels. After that, you can add as many users as you need with Create and/or Direct privileges (additional cost), but the first user has to have at least Create privileges.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

How do I update payment information? 

Go to Administration and select Subscription. Click on “Change Payment Method” and fill out your new details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We would be terribly upset to see you go! But… if it is absolutely necessary then its simple to do. Log in to your account and go to Administration. Select Subscription and then Stop Subscription. A pop-up will appear and ask you if this is what you really want to do. This will stop billing your account and will not renew your subscription on the next billing cycle. If you still have subscription left you will still have access for that time.

I cancelled my subscription but I want to come back…

Welcome back! You can access your old account by logging in with your last username and password. After you log in you will see your Subscription page. From here click on “Change Subscription” to set the number of users and make payment.

Uploads & Downloads

How long should my videos take to process?

Our goal is to process your videos in less than three times the duration of your content. So if your content is one minute long, we aim to get it back to you in less than three minutes. Our system has fast lanes and slow lanes. If your video is under ten minutes in duration then you get to use the fast lane. Content over ten minutes in duration may get stuck in a slow lane. Sorry, but we love shorter content. Also, the first time you use a brand, Busivid takes another five minutes or so to turn your brand into video. Busivid then keeps the rendered brand so it will be quicker the second time you use it. If you edit a brand, you get the same five minute delay the next time you go to use it. We also prioritize who gets pole position in our rendering queues to favor users who haven’t processed a lot of videos lately. That is, video hogs get second priority… so that everyone gets a fair go.

What is the maximum video duration I can upload?

Maximum video duration for your uploaded content is 10 minutes through the Create app, longer if you upload through the website.

My YouTube uploads take a long time?

When you publish a Busivid project to, Busivid is limited by the rate at which YouTube will accept the upload. On a busy day this can be pretty slow. Once the upload is complete, it then takes some time for YouTube to post your video to their site. This is usually only a few minutes, but it depends on how busy the YouTube system gets. We have been talking with YouTube techs to see if we can speed things up. Stay tuned.

Uploading content through takes a long time?

When you upload your videos through the Busivid Create app, the content is first compressed on your mobile device before it is uploaded. The compression step makes the files much smaller and faster to upload. When you upload videos at there is no compression step. You may be trying to upload an enormous file without knowing it. Video files taken off DSLRs and Go-Pros can be hundreds of megabytes. Big files simply take a long time to upload. To get around this, consider using a video compression program, like, to reduce size of your video files before uploading them to Alternatively try making Simple Video using your mobile device and Busivid Create.

Can I download my videos?

Yes. You can download to your mobile devices or desktop for use in presentations. To download through the app select “My Projects”, select the project and the click on the download button. The video will save to your camera roll. Similarly, on the website go to “Projects” and select “Download” under the “Actions” tab for the project you want. The video will save to your download folder.

How do I push my videos to my social media?

You need to make sure that you have linked your social media channels to your account. To do this log into the Busivid website, go to “Administration” and select “Web Services”. Add the web service and follow the prompts. If you have linked your channels, you will need to publish your video. Remember to fill out a headline, description and add tags for SEO.

It’s Not Working…

My video is not fullscreen, why?

This is called “letter-boxing”. You are more than likely filming vertically. The best way to film is horizontally, which will give you the nice wide angle, full screen video.

My video hasn’t published, what do I do?

Contact us straight away and we can look into it for you. We seldom sleep.