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March 2, 2016

The Video Camera within your Smartphone is Amazing

Tangerine movie shot on iphone

Focused business people may be excused for missing the hype over one of the most exciting films of the year which first screened at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. History was made as the first feature-length movie Tangerine was shot on an iPhone. Described as “the type of movie that can spark a revolution”, (1) it’s not only “beautifully filmed”,(2) “the year’s buzziest movie” (3) “groundbreaking” (4) and “a visually innovative knockout” (5) Tangerine showed the world it’s possible to create a multi award winning movie on a smartphone.

Although Tangerine’s content is edgy, the message to take home is over 40% of your audience are millennials and they want authentic, highly engaging content. Now don’t panic. Video marketing can be much easier than you think, especially if you reconsider quality of camera inside that smartphone in your back pocket. Tangerine was filmed on an iPhone 5 and the cameras inside the 6, 6+ and recent releases of the iPad are changing the way business marketing is done.

Statistically it’s compelling to communicate with video (link to separate blog about stats for video) and video does wildly positive things for your SEO. Combine that with the emotive nature of video and the ability to build trust with your audience; video marketing simply cannot be ignored.

But where do you begin?

My advice is to start with a high-leverage yet strategic approach – video testimonials. The modern twist on testimonials is “customer success stories”. As any content marketer will tell you, it’s all about storytelling. We researched thousands of business owners across Australia and the USA at various trade events to find out what would help their business the most. Interestingly many business owners felt hesitant to start filming themselves day one, but it was a resounding vote of confidence that video testimonials would yield the benefits and quick wins they were after.

Our approach is simple: If it’s too hard, you simply won’t do it. So sit back, watch our free video marketing series on Building a Sales Video Library to learn what’s possible with a smartphone, a few inexpensive bits of hardware and practical advice. It could spark a revolution in the way your business does business.

Helen Mitchell

Helen is Co-Founder of Busivid — a cloud-based video content management system that allows you to create, manage and distribute video content. From sales messaging to content marketing, the Busivid online web-portal and mobile apps give you the tools and confidence to get started with video.